Printed Porsche Project

2016 (ongoing)

Porsche blood runs deep in my family. Before moving to Iceland, I owned two – a 944 and 924 – Sebastian 1.0 and 2.0, respectively. I no longer have them, as they would have served very little purpose in the Nordic winter, and perhaps even less since moving to New York.

To fill the Stuttgart-shaped void in my soul, I decided to build my own 911 from scratch. Crucially, one that wouldn't require on-street parking.

I used Daniel Norée's OpenRC Project as a starting point to 3d print the entire car. (see his work here)

Looking to custom Porsche builders like Singer and Magnus Walker for inspiration, I wanted to create a mashup of classic 911s like the RS and SC.

A work in progress...


New 3d printer means lots of fun calibrating.

New 3d printer means lots of fun calibrating.