Bontrager Guardian Cycling Helmet

2014, (2016 update)

A sponsored project with Trek Bicycles, we were told to identify an ‘urban cyclist’ and design a helmet specifically for them, focusing on using form to communicate the story of who the helmet is for.

I chose to design a helmet for the a biking police officer. I chose this persona because there is currently very little equipment designed specifically for them, and because I saw potential for a compelling visual story.


optimus prime
iron man

Because the form of the helmet was critical in communicating the story of a real-life superhero, I spent a lot of time sculpting the details in full scale. First in foam, then in clay. The final model was mirror mounted and presented to the design team at Trek/Bontrager.

2014-03-08 17.37.34.jpg
2014-03-17 17.40.10.jpg


2016 Update

While snowed in on a dark winter day in Reykjavik and trying to find something to do, I found myself revisiting old projects. I decided to use this opportunity to strengthen my CAD modeling skills, paying special attention to things like surface continuity. I was also interested in gaining better understanding of T-Splines and Keyshot.

helmet lite2_VR.17 copy.jpg